Here's some of the projects I've worked on.

Battle Bots

Led a team to design and manufacture a combat robot using SolidWorks, 3D printing, and waterjetting, achieving 2nd place in a UCLA competition. Developed a mass-efficient, aluminum horizontal spinner weapon with a maximal rotational moment of inertia, capable of puncturing a 4mm thick PLA plastic chassis. Implemented ESCs and brushless motors, optimizing high-speed cornering.

Ultralight Model Plane

Built an 8-gram ultralight glider for an endurance competition using balsa wood, carbon fiber, mylar, rubber motors, and a custom PLA propeller. Developed precise building techniques using custom jigs for carbon fiber and balsa wood connections to keep airfoil mass distribution equal for optimal aerodynamics. Optimized flight time using aerodynamic analysis and calibration of centers of mass and lift to achieve a time of 50 seconds, placing 1st out of 40 teams in the state.

Balsa Wood Tower

Designed and built a 5-gram balsa wood truss structure that held 2200 times its weight and placed 11th out of 3,000 teams across the nation. Designed and built custom laser-cut jigs for precise assembly, with accuracy within 1mm per 500mm. Derived optimal balsa wood elasticity for the highest mass-to-strength ratio from Euler's buckling formula and used truss analysis to predict the effective load supported by a tower with an error of less than 15%.

Robo Cross Robot

Designed, built, and programmed a remote-control robot using an Arduino, motor controllers, and stepper motors to compete in a task-completion competition, placing 3rd out of 60 teams. Developed a forklift-style lift arm with a double-door compartment using servo and stepper motors, linear rail guides, and custom MDF pieces. Optimized EasyTransfer, Servo, and Stepper Arduino libraries to generate quick and accurate control, allowing precision of movement with error within 5mm.

Precision Electric Vehicle

Designed, built, and optimized a precision electric vehicle that could stop at a prescribed distance with accuracy less than 1cm across 12m. Custom designed using CAD 3D printed joints and a lightweight axle alignment system that could adjust angle by 1/100ths of a degree. Used carbon fiber rods and soft rubber wheels for extra grip.

Lightweight Rubber Band Powered Helicopter

Extremely lightweight helicopter that could fly for 1min+ using just rubber band power. Built using thin carbon fiber rods, balsa wood, and mylar. Assembled using CA glue.

Central Dust Collection

Built an arduino powered, multi-port, central dust collection system. All ports had blast gates that were open and closeable with a servo. These were all connected to a central arduino that was remote controlled such that the suction could be directed to wherever was chosen.

Coin Pusher

Always a dream of mine to own one of these classic arcade games, so decided to build my own. Constructed using mostly carpentry skills, with implementation of arduino and a servo motor to power the pushing table.

This Website

Have had this website for 6 years, always has been hand-coded using just HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Graph Coronavirus

Created a website early March 2020 to model data of COVID-19 before it had become a pandemic. Hand-coded using HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Mounds View NHS

Created a website to provide information about our National Honors Society. hand-coded using HTML, CSS, Javascript.

This Website

Have had this website for 6 years, always has been hand-coded using just HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Large Wooden Bench

Built a 8-foot long maple bench for my church. Used all sorts of woodworking tools such as a table saw, circular saw, miter saw, drills, routers, and more.

Live Edge Coffee Table

Built a live edge walnut table using hairpin legs. Created a youtube video documenting it: Video

Maple End Table

Built a fancy maple side table, Scandinavian inspired. Created a youtube video documenting it: Video

Live Edge Side Table

Built a live edge side table using maple and ash and simple woodworking techniques. Scandinavian inspired.

Walnut Entry Bench

Built a small walnut entry bench. Simple design with basic joinery. Won prize at Minnesota State Fair.